Worcester 30CDI Installation Chester

New boiler installation by CS Plumbing Services in Chester showing we are the number one plumbers in Chester providing yet more unbeatable service to our customers. We visited the customers house to price up the job and discuss the customers’ requirements. The current boiler was a very old Worcester Highflow 3.5 combi boiler which was on its last legs. We advised the customer a Worcester 30CDi would be the ideal replacement given the size of the house and the amount of radiators. The customer also wanted a new radiator putting in her summer room. From this a price was agreed and a date arranged for the work to be undertaken.

On arrival the system was flushed prior to removal of the old boiler. We removed the old Worcester Highflow 3.5 combi boiler and replaced it with a new top of the range Worcester 30CDI combi boiler.  As the old boiler had a old style square flue this left a big hole in the side of the house. We bricked this up and painted over it with white paint to match the rest of the house. To control the central heating a new 7 day programmer was installed with a built in room stat, this giving the customer total control of their heating by allowing them to programme when and what temperature the heating comes on at. With the built in room stat this can be over written at any time.

The System was then inspected for any problems and a gas test done before the new boiler was commissioned. We always fill in the benchmark for the boiler and help the customer fill in any paper work for their guarantee. Customers are shown around all the work that has been done to insure they are happy with it and there is no problems

CS Plumbing Services prides its self on being the best plumbers in Chester and offering first class customer service. Visiting our website will show you many more jobs we have done. All our customers are provided with a full invoice with a breakdown of all the work carried out, also all boilers are signed off with gas safe. We are one of the only companies to carry a mobile card machine with us making it easy for the customer to pay on their debit or credit card.