How Does A Power Flush Work?

A central heating system should be well maintained if you want to enjoy a comfortable living environment and you don’t want to be hit with excessive heating bills for your home. Unfortunately, as dirt and debris can collect on the inside of the system and the pipes themselves can become corroded, contaminants will eventually find their way into the heating system. Typical symptoms of a sludge build up within your central heating system include it taking longer to heat your house, the heat from radiators disappears quicker, and there are cold spots on the radiators in your home.

If you find that you are paying more for heating and still seemingly not enjoying the level of heating that you have come to expect from your system then it may be time to have a powerflush. A build-up of sludge may also be evidenced by loud and irritating noises ruminating from the radiators and a power flush can help resolve these problems too.

The Power Flush Concept

A powerflush is a relatively simple concept. Water and cleaning detergent are flushed through the system, cleaning away any dirt, debris, and contaminants from the pipes. These are the same contaminants that find their way into the water that is used to heat the system and by removing them it is possible to enjoy having access to quality heating within your home once again.
In order to avoid damaging pipes and the boiler, a power flush uses a low power system. It injects water at lower pressures than your system is used to when it is heating the home and so the risks of damage are virtually eradicated. In fact, the only real cases where damage may occur is in those systems that were ready to fail.

How long does it take?

A large amount of water is pumped through the system and it is mixed with strong, quality cleaning detergent to give the best possible results. The time it takes for the process to complete will depend on a number of factors including the age of the system and the condition it is in. Typically, it will take anywhere from four hours up to eight hours to completely cleanse your system with a power flush.