Future Central Heating

Future central heating from your Phone.

What if the future of central heating and plumbing was to be used by your phone, maybe iPhone for example, they could call it the iHeating package, standing for Intelligent Central Heating.

We have now got the technology in the auto stop valve, We have now also got the technology to detect the temperature in the attic off the plumbing, the house central heating and the temperature of the cold water pipes, we have the technology to send messages to the iPhone, so why don’t we get our heads together and build an App that also sends messages from your iPhone to a control box for your central heating, knowing that if you were at work and want to control the house temperature which means you can do this at a touch of your iPhone.

The fact is that it’s in the pipe line, lots of companies are talking about it, but with so many other factors, it’s only time before one of these companies decide to take the first steps.

We believe, due to the expense of these devices, it will quite common amongst the wealthy population, but as time goes by the demand will get higher, meaning in the next 10 to 15 years these devices will be coming in has standard in all new building that are build.

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