Why Use Us?

A power flush can help rid your central heating system of the sludge and debris that builds up over time. The pipes and components within your heating system are prone to becoming corroded especially as dirt and debris enters the system and once the problem starts it can become magnified with patches of corrosion quickly spreading. Our power flush service enables you to have your central heating system thoroughly cleaned out so that you can enjoy proper heating, reduced energy bills, and fewer irritating heating noises.

We Use Fernox

We offer one of the most reliable services and at some of the most competitive prices you can find. This means that you will be able to enjoy a top experience from beginning to end. You are advised to have a powerflush every five to six years and while it may seem expensive, it could actually save you as much as £300 a year in heating costs so it will pay for itself.

Minimised disruption of your heating system

There will inevitably be some disruption when you have a powerflush to improve the quality and cost of heating your home. We ensure that our engineers arrive on time, as agreed with you, and they work quickly and cleanly to ensure that the disruption is minimised. Generally, powerflushing will take around 6 hours although it could take more or less than this depending on the state of your heating system.

Reduce your energy bills

We can help you reduce your energy bills and help you become more environmentally friendly. A sludge filled system will be costing you money because it will increase the amount of energy that is required to heat your system and provide your home with the level of heating that it requires. With our professional power flush service you only use the energy you need to use, which means a reduced carbon footprint and a lower energy bill.

Powerflushing can reduce energy bills and improve your living environment. It can also minimise the loud, clanking noises that are emitted from your heating system. Call us today to receive a free, no obligation quote or to arrange a time for one of our professional engineers to visit your home and assess your requirement for a heating system power flush.